Youths Reassured Of Greater Opportunities As Esep Le Berger Varsity Graduates

Esep le Berger University, Cotonou, Benin Republic recently graduated about 300 students in its 6th convocation ceremony.

Epidemiologist and Researcher, Adeyemo Charles, the convocation lecturer while charging the graduating students in the ceremony said there is a season for everything including graduation, but in reality, graduation is the beginning of struggle.

He continued to admonish the graduates in his lecture entitled, “At a time like this, tips for survival, ” imploring the students to remain vast in their intellectual skills.

Adeyemo stated the reasons for unemployment ranging from the fact that education in Nigeria is too idealistic, not all African Students have the capacity for University education, some would do better in technical schools but there is too much emphasis on paper certificate and dependence mentality of Africa on the Western world.

In furtherance, the Epidemiologist gave tips for survival on the areas that will continue to offer employment opportunities until the end of the world.

They include, Agribusiness (it is a line of business that includes processing, warehousing, marketing, distributing and retailing farm products), Security, Education (imparting individuals to acquire certain skills and cultivate certain capabilities), Healthcare, Military and Para-military, Power Generation, Sports, Entertainment etc.

Furthermore, he stated the probable sources of discouragement in the society which are; the government policy, people’s attitude to locally produced commodity, grasshopper syndrome, and experience of those who have failed in some adventures. He therefore encouraged them that these are minor setbacks and it does not determine who they are or their capabilities.

However, he gave them the 3Ds they must possess, the one that would brace, equip them to face any challenges come what may. The 3Ds are Determination, Dedication and Discipline.

The intriguing part of the convocation was the award of excellence to the Best students from various departments while the Overall Best Student, Akanfe Goodness Paul with the highest CGPA emerged from the department of Accounting.

Akanfe Goodness Paul in his valedictory speech on behalf of the graduating students, appreciated the academic staff of the institution for pulling, pushing and bracing him up to be the achiever of this grand opportunity.

He proceeded to admonish other students on how hardwork pays and would always pay eventually, the sleepless nights and stressful days which did not limit him from taking his academics seriously, the financial strain also did not allow him forget his primary responsibility in the institution.

The dignitaries at the event were: the Founder/Proprietor of the University, Germain Ganlonon, ; The Registrar, Wole Charles Ijisakin; The Academic Director, Olugbenga Akande,;The Dean of Student Affairs, The heads of departments among others.

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