Computer Science

Computer Science

This programme prepares one to develop a career involving the application of computing within any professional field. Our students come from a natural science background. Specialist modules relating to Computer Science are Visual Programming, Internet (Web) Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Mobile Programming, Data Communication and Networking, Mobile Programming, Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics and Cryptography, Computing Research, Software Engineering, Game Design, Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Database Management System and four or more Computer Labs.



The programme for the Bachelor of Science degree in Computing Technology (Computer Science, ICT and MIS are designed to provide training in theory and application of computing. Thus, it emphasizes the importance of the underlying theory of various branches of computer science as well as provides a wide scope of application areas for students. Our goal is to produce graduates in Computer Science, ICT and MIS who are academically equipped to undertake advanced course in computer science or related areas, which in turn serve as stimulant for research and development in these areas, as well as be able to apply computer science and computer technology to solving problems arising in business, government, etc., at the local and international scale.

While making available modern development in information technology, we also aim at providing suitable service course for specialists in other disciplines so as to help them increase their effectiveness as well as efficiency in their work fields.


The department can boast of computer room/laboratory and research unit that is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and we are still working to better our enviable achievements.

We work with international and local research agents to synchronize our research agenda with the interests of the international and local environment while maintaining our national and international activities. We have an excellent record of research success.


Industrial training and research seminar is a prerequisite for the award of B.Sc. degree in computer science. Our students are requested to undergo a four month industrial training and a month research to be presented in the form of seminar. A report must be submitted by students on their industrial training experience.

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