Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

B.Sc. Human Resource Management
Human resources are the most dynamic and complex resource in any organisation and they need to be effectively managed. The department was established to produce experts and professionals who will understand the complexities involved in employment/work relationship and to equip the students to build a prospective career in HRM. As such, the programme is designed to provide a standard, broad based and good foundation in HRM as well as to adequately prepare the students to confront and manage challenges of employer-employee relationship. The curriculum has been designed taking into consideration the latest development in the field of Human Resource Management both in theory and practice.
1. To provide the students with basic analytical skills and field experience necessary for recognizing, defining and solving problems as well as training in decision-making.
2. To prepare the students for career in all sectors of the African and global economy and develop leadership and interpersonal relations skills in managing people.
3. To equip students with a better knowledge and information about the practice and management of people at work in African and global socio-economic system.
4. To provide students with practical exposure to contemporary issues in the field that will enable them utilize the knowledge gained towards an improved understanding of the interface between the employment relationship and the parties involved; and
5. To ensure that undergraduates who want to pursue advanced research and/or become certified professionals in the field of human resource management or related fields are adequately prepared.

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