B.Sc. Marketing Degree

The programme curriculum has been designed to help students to learn the basic concepts and practices of modern marketing in an analytical and practical way. It provides fresh insights into the latest marketing developments. The programme covers principles of marketing, advanced marketing management, product and brand management, marketing communication, sales management, retail marketing, consumer behaviour, services marketing, international marketing, strategic marketing and marketing research, etc. as  core subjects.
In addition, practical training in the form of internship and dissertation/research report are compulsory parts of the programme.

Aims, Objectives of the Programme

The main objective of this degree programme is to provide undergraduates with knowledge, talents, skills and attitudes to be marketers who can make a real difference in the consumer and industrial market, profit and non-profit organizations, small and  large firms and domestic and international markets by influencing the development of new products and services, supporting the personal development of the people who work for them, reconciling organizational activities with ecological, social and political concerns across the world, adapting to the challenges that come from globalization of the economy and the constant and quick changing pattern of competitive pressures and opportunities.

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