Sociology and Government

Sociology and Government

The department of Sociology and Government train graduates for a lifetime by developing in our students the art of learning how to understand “The big picture” and integrating diverse perspective from a wide range of fields, including Economics, psychology and political science in other to enhance diversity in the art of learning and examine human behavior, art of governance, organization and institutional functions, societal ideology and culture, social problems and off course social change.

As an undergraduate, why you should belong to this department: You stand a chance

  • To a better understanding of mankind
  • To enjoy high cost of satisfaction in the art of learning.
  • To be open to a broad sets of skills.
  • You also stand a chance to learn how to understand and cope with changes in the society
  • To potential worthy degree.

Our graduates can easily fit-in, into any vacant post in private organization, entertainment industry, in the journalism field and offcours Government or public establishment.


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