About Esep

Founded in 1999

ESEP-LE BERGER University is a bilingual institution which offers academic opportunities in various fields with technological approach. ESEP-LE BERGER is an institution created under the decree of October 18, 1999 0136/MENRS/CAB/DC/SP.

The institution is characterized by an attitude of presence, openness, availability and compliance with fundamental principles consciences. The school is not only a place of knowledge transfer, it is also a place of communication of consciousnesses.

Programmes offered at the University attract professional recognitions through their emphasis on close working links with industry and other professions. Our programmes emphasize the importance of a solid base of broad skills and knowledge through a carefully designed core curriculum, which was conceived with a focus on the needs and requirements of Africa and her labour market. The University’s teaching and research are dynamically based on the smart use of emerging technologies.

In order to resolve the problems of unemployment and lack of initiatives among the youths/graduates as result of Theoretical/teaching method; ESEP with her partner institutions offer to students, newly oriented degree programmes integrating efficient use of information technologies (IT) and practical based experiences on micro projects.

All these activities are integrated in the national academic programmes. This combination of action – reflection promotes learning from the existing situations / events and offers to graduates the entrepreneurship competences, qualities and forces to solve the challenges of Africa independence and globalization.

ESEP – LE BERGER is based on professional education, enabling the creation of a genuine personal and professional project.