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Politics and International Relations Department.

The department of Politics and International Relations began with the commencement of the English Section of the university. The Department in 2015/2016 section added Public Administration to it.
The department’s student population had grown from the incipient 10 to over 500. It has the best of academics ranging from Senior lecturers to Assistant lecturers. The Department has a staff population of over 15 teaching staffs.
The department currently offers undergraduate and Postgraduate degree Progammes in
1. Politics and International Relations
2. Political Science
3. Policy and Strategic Studies
4. Public Administration


The department of politics and International Relations is committed to the overall university goal of becoming a world class institution focused on raising a new generation leaders.
Our programmes are centered on the core issues of development, specifically the need to liberate the african continent and diaspora from all vestiges of social economic and political underdevelopment.



As a strategic component of the university’s global mandate, our discipline aims at producing the total graduate who will productively engaged to a decent life, through dynamic and proactive curriculum base that addresses the peculiarities of our national endeavours and aspirations. Consequently, the department is fully committed to adding to the manpower base of the continent of Africa; graduates who are mentally resourceful, intellectually equipped, entrepreneurally self dependent, skilled in addressing the current and future challenges of the global political economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Esep Le Berger Universite where studies matter.

Is Esep Le Berger University accredited?

ESEP-LE BERGER is an institution created under the decree of October 18, 1999 0136/MENRS/CAB/DC/SP of the Benin Republic. The university is accredited in Benin Republic by the Ministry of Higher Education and is recognised in Nigeria by the Federal Ministry of Eductation in Abuja.

Is the certificate of the institution recognised in Nigeria?

Yes of course, the university is recognized in by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria

If i study in this University, can i go for my NYSC in Nigeria?

Definitely,the University helps the students to process their evaluation letters from the Federal Ministry of Education in Abuja, which the students will take with them when going to the NYSC camp.

If I want to study further abroad, will my certificate be accepted by International Universities?

Yes, our students have gone abroad to further their studies at different levels, it just attests to the quality of education and knowledge that we advertise

How affordable is the school fees?

University education at our institution is not expensive considering that we offer the best of services. There are even flexible payment plans for students to enable them plan for their tuition payments

What benefits are attached to studying in a Foreign University like ours?

There are tremendous benefits in studying in this country because you have the opportunity to see sights, fields trips to other African countries. The opportunities to learn french is also an added advantage to studying here

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